When the Baby is Sick

My three-day weekend got turned into a four-day weekend and not because I was out partying too late and had too much of a hangover. It happened because my little boy, Liam, got sick. I’m one of those over worried paranoid moms who takes their child to the doctor whenever the baby has a cough (ask our pediatrician, I’m 99.99% sure she’s tired of seeing my son and I’s faces). Well, I used to be at least… Ever since I started my full-time job in May I haven’t been to one pediatrician appointment, and my fiancé rarely feels the need to take Liam to the pediatrician for anything other than a wellness check.
My little man spent the night at his Mimi’s house Sunday night. My mom noticed him possibly having a cold and some ear pain. Something in this mommy’s heart said to make a pediatrician appointment and to go to this one. So, I notified my boss that I wouldn’t be able to come in the next day due to trying to get my little one in to see his pediatrician.
Monday morning was a flurry of motion. I had to, of course, check in with my mom to see how Liam was doing. To her, he seemed to be doing a bit better. Then I made coffee and waited for the pediatrician’s office to open at 9 am. Once they did, I called made his sick visit, requested a referral for a therapist since Liam still won’t eat off a spoon, and made his next wellness check at 1 year. Anthony, my fiancé, went to pick him up while I called his Atlanta specialists for his cleft lip to schedule his follow up. Then, it was time to shower and get ready to head to the sick visit before spending the rest of the day cuddling my little man.
I hate taking off work. I hate leaving people shorthanded. My sense of responsibility for my job is high, but my sense of responsibility as a mother is much higher. Sometimes, you are forced to make difficult decisions as a parent even when they are minor decisions in the grand scheme of things. But as a mother, no decision you make when it comes to taking off to take care of your sick child or going to work is necessarily wrong. It all depends on your personal situation. So make your choice and be confident in that choice.


One thought on “When the Baby is Sick

  1. I love reading your posts as you cover a multitude of topics. You’re doing a great job, and I look forward to your future posts.


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