An Interview with Actress Sherrikar Bell

Please introduce yourself to everyone (Name, fun fact, etc).Sherrikar Bell 1.jpg
Hi my name is Scherrikar Bell and my fun fact is that I was a paintball marshal for 4 years!
What do you do for a living?
I am an actress
Why did you go into acting?
I fell in love with movies from the age of 5, I literally could not sleep unless a film was on in the background. Nonetheless, the movie industry felt so far away for me to reach – it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I felt I had a chance at making it as an actress.
What have you starred in?
I have appeared in movies such as Bridget Jones’s Baby. I have had co starring roles in television programs such as IFC’ S Todd Margaret, BBC Doctors and Eastenders. My most recent job was starring in the new HSBC commercial.

sherrikar bell 2.jpg

If you had one piece of advice to give to young aspiring actors, what would it be?
Dont do it unless acting is ALL you can do with your life. If you have a plan B, it is best to save your time and heart ache and stick with that. However! If you 100 % want to act weather it be through live performance or on screen then be prepared to work your little socks off. You should really go to a drama school or atleast attend acting classes, there are plenty of part time courses to choose from. Try and be on set as much as you can for experience. Do as many decent short film/ indie projects as you can to build up your showreel content and then email agents and pray. There is a ridiculous amount of competition out there, so you must be ready.
What was your biggest fear when you first started? And what is your biggest fear now?
My biggest fear when I first started was not being respected by industry professionals because I did not go to a credited drama school. Now I realise talent talks a lot more than who you have been taught by – to some.
My biggest fear now is not working for a long period of time. Every actor has quiet periods, but this is something I dread. I always like to be on set or atleast auditoing.sherrikar bell.jpg

How long have you been acting?
I had my first professinal role in 2011 in an Off West End play “Oh what A lovely War!” Still to this day one of the most amazing expereinces I’ve had.
Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
There are a few projects I am involved in that will be aired in December, One is a TBN Christmas commercial you will see me in and the other is a comedy called ‘Standing Still’.
In 2016 I opened up my own cheerleading school for children! Have a look at my website..

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