A Year of Love

This year is my year of love. The year I work on loving like Christ. A year where I show love constantly in any form I’m led to. It’s the year I love the people I have a difficult time even liking. It’s the year I love myself more.

What does this look like?

It looks like praying for the people I have a hard time not hating and giving forgiveness where I feel it isn’t deserved. It’s helping people even when I’m tired or sick. It’s lending a listening ear when need and learning how to not be so irritable so easily. It’s saying please and thank you to the strangers who serve me. It’s paying for friends’ meals when they are with me.

It means searching for the perfect bible verse for a friend who is going through a tough time. It means taking the time I have and finding small ways to enjoy it with my family and myself. It means buying the things I know will make my finace happy. Or letting his friends come over even when I really don’t feel like having company.

So why a year of love?

I believe this is my year of love because I just had a year of complete selfishness where I pulled away from God. I did whatever I wanted when I wanted. Actually, let’s be honest, it was WAY longer than just a year. It’s about letting go of what I want and focusing on others. It’s past time for me to think about other people for a change.

When and how was it deemed a year of love?

It was deemed at the end of 2017. I felt God putting love on my heart. Little reminders of how I haven’t been loving others. Conviction if you will. I felt the need to love everyone and do for others. Then I took an online quiz to discover my word for 2018 and guess which word I received? That’s right: Love.

What year will it be for you? What is your word for this year?

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