It’s Re-vamp time!

It’s time to change. Today at work, my clients and I were talking in a class about how change is the only constant in life. This discussion led to me realizing that my blog hasn’t had a change. It hasn’t grown or received the kind of attention I want (NOT that I want a lot of attention, but I don’t feel it is holding people’s attention). Therefore, it must change. Currently, I’m in the demolition and planning stage. Yes, I deleted a lot of old posts. Soon, I hope to enter the adding stage where I’ll begin a process of creating a strong, forward moving blog.

Any suggestions anyone has for a theme of the topics I should cover, please please please leave in the comments. I take every comment into consideration and appreciate the time and thought taken by the person to read and comment on my articles. I love interaction from people!

Until next time, when I announce what the blog will look like in the future, I will leave you with a joke my friend and sister Laura sent me:

I should quit my job and clean mirrors for a living; it’s something I can see myself doing.

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