I’ve been thinking a lot about roadblocks and how inconvenient they are. We all know the feeling: you’re driving down the road when you see that annoying traffic worker holding the stop sign signalling the road becoming a one lane road. And you wait. And wait. And wait for the guide car to bring through the oncoming traffic at 20 mph. Then it is finally your turn to drive 20 mph or slower down that one lane road. Often times, it feels like life is just one roadblock after another. Right when you are moving along smoothly, something pops up: your car breaks down, you get sick, you get laid off, etc. How are we supposed to achieve all that we want to achieve when things just keep getting in the way?

Life is about figuring out ways around or over the roadblocks. What can we do to fix this situation? For example, if the roadblock you are experiencing is an argument with your significant other, you have to figure out how to compromise or move on for the fight. Sometimes, that requires you to put yourself into someone else’s shoes and see where they are coming from. Before Liam was born, my fiance and I had a massive fight about vaccinations. Anthony felt hesitant about doing all of them at once (he wanted liam vaccinated but wanted to change the schedule of when he got them). I on the other hand was insistent on Liam getting them all at once when the doctor decided to do them. We had a blow out fight screaming at each other. Eventually, we had to decide to calm down and have a calm discussion about it listing out the pros and cons to each stance before coming to a decision. That was a roadblock, and to get past it, I had to get off my high horse and discuss everything with Anthony.

It’s difficult sometimes to see the solution to the problem because we are too close to it. We can’t get past or over some roadblocks without a little help from others. If I didn’t get help from others, I wouldn’t be able to get things done. If I was too prideful to ask for help with Liam, I would fail to complete things because I would be spending all my time taking care of Liam. Now as a parent, my job is to take care of my son, but I have other responsibilities to get done that I need some free time for. So one way I get over that roadblock is I ask my mom for help seeing if she can watch my baby for me every once in a while. I say all this to say: there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Roadblocks come in all forms so my question is: how are you going to solve your roadblocks?

5 thoughts on “Roadblocks

  1. Roadblocks can be such a struggle. I am currently at a fork in the road (roadblock) with my son. He is having major issues at school. It is something I can’t control it at the moment because my son’s medication for his mental illness is not effective. (Well, at least not for the school. I am able to control him at home for the most part.)

    We also have other issues within our home. I have decided to throw my hands in the air, sit back and let it work itself out. Why stress myself even more? 🙂

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  2. Roadblocks are not just inconvenient obstacles—they’re also learning experiences. They can force you to a complete halt to rethink your direction, or they can help you slow down and actually see the path in front of you.

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