The Process of Change

Everyday, I listen to a client say how hard change is and how they don’t like it. I couldn’t expect anything less when all day every day we are teaching them to change their behaviors and thought processes. Today, my fiance and I decided to make some changes to our lifestyle becoming more active and structured in our lives. I teach my clients that one change can affect every aspect of your life. We’ve talked about making constant adjustments with the clients. My life is about to be all about making adjustments.

So what’s the plan?

We’ve decided to have a day to do everything. For example, Tuesdays and Fridays laundry will get done. We decided that no matter what we do on the day that we will be more active. Somehow, we went from being active to being lazy bums who lay around in bed all day long every day. I’ve decided to cook more and to start by throwing a meal into the crockpot before I leave for work some mornings that way we can have dinner ready by the time I get home for the day instead of eating out all the time. Liam has to have therapy every week once a week as well so we will be fitting that into our schedules as well. We are going into a season of change.

How do you feel about the changes?

Honestly? I’m terrified. I’ve never liked change and have never handled change very well. To prove that point: I didn’t believe I was actually pregnant until I was 20 weeks along. I don’t like things upsetting my comfort zone despite knowing that I need to be pushed from that zone in order to grow. I tell my clients that fear can be a good thing. It can indicate you are moving in the right direction.

What brought on the changes?

Overall, the reason is very similar to why I deleted posts and decided to revamp my blog… I got tired of the way I was living. I was in constant stress, having anxiety attacks daily, and feeling completely overwhelmed. I hated the way I looked and couldn’t stand the girl I saw/see in the mirror. Something had to give. My fiance and I talked and he helped make a plan that we will both undertake together.

What’s the plan for the blog?

I have no clue!!!! At this point, I’m going to write whatever calls to me until I come up with a plan for it. I want it to be meaningful and touch people in some way. As of now, I only hope sharing my struggles with my life and my views of myself reaches someone.

I hope that change finds you well and that you take each change with a sense of urgency and determination. If you are struggling with yourself or changes in your life, feel free to tell me about them in the comments. Sometimes sharing our burdens with someone helps even if it is just to vent and not be alone anymore.

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