Soon, you all will be inundated by interview articles on authors who are a part of an anthology I am also a contributor to! I want to introduce you all to some amazing authors and all around great people in general. I hope you will find it interesting. Along with the interview articles, I will publish other articles as well so do not worry! Also to come is an article all about the upcoming anthology.

Some of the authors I will be interviewing are Tiffany Heiser, Josette Reuel, S.E. Isaac, Laura L. Stapleton… just to name a few. I do have an interview with S.E. Isaac already on the blog so check it out. I believe I asked her some different questions this time, and I know she has something new to say as she always does! I look forward to introducing you to these amazing people and giving you the chance to be enriched by their presence in your life as I have been.

So as I close this short article out sipping on a glass of well-deserved wine, I wish you the best of nights. Feel free to leave suggestions for future articles in the comments!

Until next time,


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