Another Interview with S.E. Isaac!

I’m so excited to welcome a good friend of mine back on Article Alley for another interview. I hope you all enjoy another period of time spent with her as she is fun and creative. I’ve read many of her books which I highly reccommend you check out like Train to Anguish, Out on a Limb, and Halloween Desires. Without any further ado, let’s get to the interview.

1) Introduce us to yourself. (Name, place of origin, some of your likes and dislikes, genre you write in, etc).

My name is S.E.Isaac. I was born in Texas, but due to my parents being military, I moved a lot. Then I joined the military, and moved a lot. Guess you can call me a nomad! 🙂 I am currently living in Sin City.

I like to go for walks with my family & our dog. I like to read when I am not in the midst of writing a book. I like to help others.

What I do not like- hate, rude, and harsh critics

I write in multiple genres.

2) Have you written in multiple different genres? If so, which is your favorite to write and why?

I write in the romance genre, but multiple sub genres: contemporary, erotic, military romance, and paranormal romance. I love them all; however, if I had to absolutely choose one sub genre, I would choose paranormal romance. My imagination gets to roam free when I write paranormal romance. Sky’s the limit when writing paranormal romance.

3) Which book of yours would you recommend someone who has never read you before begin with?

Ah! That is a tough question. It depends on the readers preference in heat levels. For a tame read, I recommend Train to Anguish. For a steamier read, Out of a Limb.

4) What are your current projects?

I am currently working on two paranormal romance anthologies & my own paranormal romance series, Fates Intertwined Series. Two books in that series will be available soon. Kiss of a Vampire is in the paranormal romance anthology, My Fated Valentine. Bite of a Lierum will be a stand alone and will hit the market March 1, 2018. I will have lots of books coming this year. I am excited to share my work with the world 🙂

5) Who are your role models? Who inspires you?

My biggest role model is my mother. Not only is she my role model, she is the person that inspires me to keep going, to do my best & never stop believing in my dreams.

6) What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

Being an author is a tough job. Keep your head up and thicken your skin. It will hurt when you get a negative review. That’s okay to feel hurt, but just take it in strides and know that you can grow from every review- positive or negative.

Also, don’t lose the spark of writing. Write because you love to write. Don’t write because it’s a job. That’s when the spark begins to die out.

7) When did you start writing?

I started writing short stories, poems and books when I was 8 years old. I suffer from severe depression so writing was my way to escape. Writing was my outlet.

8) Who is your favorite author? Why?

I don’t have a favorite author. I think all authors bring their own talents to the table. Some authors that I have read the most of is Shel Silverstein, Josette Reuel, and M.R. Wallace. Each write in a different genre, each creates a world of their own.

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