The Flu Came to Town

I’m a very bad sick person. I don’t do being sick very well. I tend to whine a lot saying how I dont feel good and everything hurts. And I’m very very needy. I’m so bad I’m surprised my fiancé hasn’t given up on me yet.

Today started out with me rolling out of bed and rushing to work to cover for someone running late… ten minutes after getting there it was like a train hit me and came back around the block again and again. Instead of being concerned, most of my coworkers told me not to breathe, joking around of course because they didn’t want to catch it, and I refused to leave until I spoke to my boss.

I left work and cried the entire way home over what was said to me and not feeling good. I know my coworkers were joking which I don’t blame them for not wanting this. But their words, joking or not, hurt and caused my anxiety and depression to sky-rocket.

When I got home, I was crying hysterically and my fiancé calmed me down. Then, he loaded the baby and I up and drove me to the minute clinic where I received the official diagnosis of the flu.  I had a 102 degree fever.

Going to Walmart to get my prescription, Lysol, Clorox wipes, tylonel, and ginger ale, I realized this meant quarantined. So now I’ve spent the day locked away in my bedroom spraying Lysol and wiping anything I touch with Clorox wipes.

Tomorrow night, the baby will go to be with Mimi while I get better and Anthony works. So until I’m fever free for 24 hours without having to take tylonel, I’ll lay in bed and read and write blog articles. So be prepared for an article packed weekend.

What do you like to do when sick and quarantined?

6 thoughts on “The Flu Came to Town

  1. I’m a horrible sick person too! I usually ask my husband to come home from work to watch the kids and barely do a thing. I don’t get sick often maybe 1x a year but when I do it hits hard!

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