Interview with Edward Blackwood

Edward Blackwood1) Introduce us to yourself. (Name, place of origin, some of your likes and dislikes, genre you write in, etc).

My name is Edward Blackwood. I am originally from West Virginia. I write primarily Urban Fantasy, a genre I feel in love with after my first Kim Harrison novel.  My family and I enjoy camp, hiking and biking; same as seemingly everyone else… ever! My family and I are working our way through the National Parks, building up to taking on Gates of the Arctic. I am a hunter, but as a rule I never shoot anything I won’t eat. But in truth, I am also a comic book reading, Role Playing Game playing geek!

2) Have you written in multiple different genres? If so, which is your favorite to write and why?

I have, in the past written military sci-fi as well as crime fiction. But I am always drawn back to Urban Fantasy. Paranormal Romance is a first for me.

3) Which book of yours would you recommend someone who has never read you before begin with?

This anthology is my first published piece, outside of some short stories in long defunct magazines.

4) What are your current projects?

I am finishing up an Urban Fantasy novel set in my native West Virginia. Sort of a look at how the Urban Fantasy setting affects the world outside the city.

5) Who are your role models? Who inspires you?

My wife. I know every author says that (unless they say their husband). But it’s true.

6) What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

Don’t wait. Put words on the page!

7) When did you start writing?

In college. I took a creative writing class as an elective because it fit my schedule. Four years later, I was still writing and working with the professor, who was my mentor until she passed.

8) Who is your favorite author? Why?

Raymond Chandler. I love his style, his voice and the way his words flow.


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