Why I Started Blogging

I figured I would let you all in on my motivation for blogging and sharing bits and pieces of my life and thoughts. I’m outgoing, but I’ve never truly let others read or see my writing before now. I’m a little self-conscious in that way so part of my motivation is to break out of my comfort zone. The other part of my motivation is to reach others in some way or form whether that be by giving exposure to indie authors through my interviews or me being open about my personal struggles with anxiety.

I’ve always wanted to help others. I spent my summers as a teenager traveling the US on mission trips doing vacation bible schools. I’ve been to both Haiti and the Dominican Republic on mission trips. Currently, I work as a substance abuse counselor helping people that way. I’ve tried to spend my life helping others and showing love even though I struggle with loving everyone at times.

When I started Article Alley, I figured not many people would see it or be interested in it. Surely, only my friends and family would truly be interested in it. However, I made a twitter for my blog, and on there I have 300 followers. On wordpress, 41 people follow this blog. That is way more than I could have ever imagined possible! I’m very honored that that many people find my writing interesting enough to follow the blog. Every last one of you amaze me.

I’ve learned so much from blogging that I never knew I would learned which just adds to the reason I keep blogging. I’ve learned that when you put yourself out there, people will respond. I’ve learned that I don’t care whether some people hate my blog and hate my content and that I’m proud of the work I’ve put out there. I’ve learned to trust myself and trust that who needs my writing will find my writing. I’ve made connections with other people that I otherwise would have nothing to do with and never have met. My life has been enriched by blogging.

For all the other bloggers reading this, why did you start blogging?

8 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging

  1. For the amount of time that I have known you, you have blossomed. I have watched you become more confident in your writing. It is nice to see that your self-confidence is beginning to blossom you into an even more wonderful person. (Because let’s face it…you were already wonderful before then 🙂 )

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  2. You have a very humble tone to your writing! Followed! I can’t wait to read more. Keep up the great work. You can only go up from here! 🙂

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  3. Keep it up. What harm is there in trying. I started my blog with the idea of using it as a way to keep up with writing and getting my work out there while I finished my first book. However, I’ve devoted far more time to the blog than the book at this point. Funny how that works out.

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