Novel Research

Currently, I am reading a fiction book whose protagonist is a novelist searching for a model for her hero in her novel. Of course, she finds him and goes to the extreme length of following the stranger around that day. I’m sorry, but I could never do that. I could never have the audacity to follow someone around to do “research” to write a character of one of my stories and books.

So how do I do my research? I pull from the people I know or the books I’ve read. I look for books that hold the kind of characters I want to portray and pull from there using only the characteristics I want to use.

Also, I’ve always been a very vivid dreamer. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed very realistic dreams and remember my dreams. I use this to my advantage. When a character shows up in my dreams, I tend to use them in my stories and books honing in on what I want them to portray.

Another thing I tend to do is talk to my writing friends and brainstorm with them. I tell them what the goal in the scene is and what I need to happen and they help me figure out the path the character needs to take. I get a lot of help when it comes to writing because I have never thought writing a truly solo career, hobby, passion. It’s only solo if you make it solo. I believe getting help and feedback makes writing better.  It makes my characters come to life. It tells me if the character is coming across the way I want him or her to and warns me when I’m falling off track with the story.

5 thoughts on “Novel Research

  1. The following around part…hmm…there is a term for that. Oh, yeah! STALKING! HA I would never do that for multiple reasons. #1 being it’s creepy and #2 Jail time.

    It is good that you have a vivid imagination. One of the many things I like about you.

    Do you think that your characters are cliche to the genre you write or do you step outside the box?

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  2. It’s awesome that you’re able to remember your dreams! On the rare occasion that I do remember my dreams, I always try and make a story out of them. They always make such interesting plots!

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