An Interview with Tiffany Heiser

1) Introduce us to yourself. (Name, place of origin, some of your likes and dislikes, genre you write in, etc).
I’m Tiffany Heiser, owner of and Fyre and Brimstone Publishing. I’m also a mother to a wonderful five year old son. I was raised in Granbury, Texas. I currently live in Dallas, TX, but the city living is getting old so I’ll be moving back to the small town of Granbury soon, and I’m excited.

My likes; I love to read, talk to and play with my kiddo and puppies. I also enjoy writing, graphics design, watching shows on Netflix, and I can’t get enough of family time. I also enjoy going to the lake, trying new restaurants, and just enjoying the small things in life; like Big Red and chocolate anything.
My dislikes; I’m not a fan of my loud neighbors at the apartment complex I live at. Also, not interested in the crazy city drivers, or the fact that I can’t get anywhere without dealing with traffic.


2) Have you written in multiple different genres? If so, which is your favorite to write and why?
I have mainly stuck around Paranormal Romances, however I am wanting to branch out to dystopians. But Paranormal Romance is my fave to read and write.

3) Which book of yours would you recommend someone who has never read you before begin with?
Well, I wrote books before but I have pulled those projects and doing a re-write. So, in May, I would recommend for everyone to read Yearn for Blood; the first book in my Blood Origins series. And to definitely grab a copy of an anthology I’m a part of coming out in March: A Guide to Claiming a Scaredy Cat.

4) What are your current projects?
Yearn for Blood and The Familiar’s Fate are my current projects. The Familiar’s Fate is part of an anthology that will be coming out in March that I’ve been enjoying being a part of.

5) Who are your role models? Who inspires you?
My role models. My mother has always been a role model of mine to get through life. When it comes to writing; my inspiration to continue doing it…I’d say is my own love for it. Do I want to become famous; it would be nice, but not my main goal. It’s something that relaxes me and I enjoy.

6) What advice would you give an aspiring writer?
Never give up. No matter what anyone says about writing, about your writing, about any of it. Just don’t give up. Continue coming up with stories, if it makes your heart happy; then don’t quit.

7) When did you start writing?
I started writing as a child. It has always been that thing that I can do to express myself. When things were bothering me or I was going through the hardest parts of my life; writing became my gateway to leave it all behind. I started out writing poetry- it was helpful and my mom still has a book of what I’ve written. In Middle School, I attempted short stories and that was just…bad ha! But then it grew to that point that I was ready to get into it for real.

8) Who is your favorite author? Why?
I have quite a few faves. But the person that got me back into writing and wanting to write a novel was Stephanie Meyer. Reading Twilight made me realize that I wanted to write again and that I was absolutely in love with the Paranormal Romance genre.

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