Interview with Josette Reuel

JReuel.jpg1) Introduce us to yourself. (Name, place of origin, some of your likes and dislikes, genre you write in, etc).

Greetings! My name is Josette Reuel and I’ve lived my entire life in the pages of a book – preferably science fiction, fantasy, or romance – in the state of Ohio, USA. My husband and I have been together for over twenty six years (married almost twenty five) and have two (now) adult children (18 and 20). We live on a few acres alongside the farm that has been in his family for over a hundred years; however, my ultimate goal is to travel the world.

I write paranormal romance of varying levels of heat – from sweet to steamy – and don’t censor my muse. I go where the story takes me and enjoy writing realistic characters that have a little something extra. My characters are people/ paranormal creatures that you might just find walking down the street in your very own hometown.

A bit about me… my favorite color is green, I’m team dragon, always silver jewelry, addicted to LuLaRoe, and I hoard books.

Dislikes… being interrupted, bullies, and ‘promotion’ which is tied with ‘editing’.

Thank you Alley Cat for taking the time to do this interview. Thank you readers for taking the time to get to know a bit about me.

2) Have you written in multiple different genres? If so, which is your favorite to write and why?

As of now, I have only published in the paranormal romance genre. I have a story idea for a contemporary that I will probably never write – it’s just not my thing. I like the creativity and freedom of the paranormal/ fantasy worlds. I have two books I began writing before the one I eventually completed and published. One is more along the lines of a romantic fantasy novel and the other is a young adult/ new adult level urban fantasy. Both are probably about half done, but I don’t know if I’ll ever return to them. I have too many PNR ideas to play with now.

3) Which book of yours would you recommend someone who has never read you before begin with?

With my eclectic selection of PNR sub-genres, it really depends on what the person enjoys reading. All of my stories have their own unique charm. Whether my stories are Erotic romance or Sweet, M/F, MMF, F/F, or M/M… they are all romances first and foremost.

Dásreach Council Novels (mainstream PNR, shifters, Native American feel)
Book 1: Finding the Dragon (My debut novel and is currently only $0.99 cents)
Book 2: Accepting the Bear
Book 3: Releasing the Panther
Book 3.5: A Second Life As A Bear (M/M – not your typical as this is not an Erotic story, it is a romance)
Book 4: (MMF menage)

Draghue Dragon Series (Sweet PNR, dragon shifters, short – originally published in a fundraising anthology. The second book in this series will be a FF.)
1.0: Love Burns

Gwar’Arth of Karhu Ridge Series (PNR, MFM menage, true triad relationships)
1.0: Subtle Magic
2.0: Creative Magic

Hybrid Home Series (PNR, Fae, shifters, mermaids, short – originally published in a fundraising anthology)
1.0: Fated Summer

Holiday Pack Series (Erotic PNR, MF, Serial release. Each is a complete story with a cliffhanger ending. The three together make a complete story arc.)
Wolves for the Holiday 1.1 (Currently FREE)
Wolves for the Holiday 1.2
Wolves for the Holiday 1.3

Spencer’s Helpline Series (Sweet PNR. Various paranormal species. Based around the holidays.)
1.0: Shift or Treat
2.0 Mistletoe Magic

Valentine voodoo.jpgValentine’s Voodoo Trilogy (PNR, Swan shifters and witches, each is $0.99 cents for a limited time)
1.0: Swan Dive (In the My Fated Valentine anthology)
2.0: Swan’s Grace
3.0: Swan Song

4) What are your current projects?

I just finished my Valentine’s Voodoo trilogy and I’m beginning to work on my story for the “A Guide to | Claiming a Scaredy Cat” anthology (Find out more through Article Alley’s post here ). After this story I have a summer release that I’m creating along with the amazing S. E. Isaac (check out Article Alley’s interviews with her here and here). I have another anthology planned for the fall and I’m determined to finish the next Dásreach Council Novel by the end of the year. If that isn’t enough, I also plan to work on book 5 in that series as well.

5) Who are your role models? Who inspires you?

Oh my… tons of people really. Everyone in many ways. My parents – because they are just amazing, hardworking, loving people that taught me that you work for what you want and marriage isn’t all roses and rainbows. Marriage is about communication, compromise, and hard work. My children – when they were small their wide-eyed wonder had me looking at the world differently, as they grew their compassion astounded me, and now that they begin their journey into adulthood, their passion and determination encourages me to show them the way. My husband because he’s a sickenly talented artist. He’s my rock. The love of my life. And, so hardworking that I wish I could get him to relax more.

I seriously feel that you can learn something from every person that you meet.

6) What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

First and foremost is to write without worrying if it’s going to be good enough. I know how difficult it is, but getting the story down is the most important step. Editing will improve it later. Second, not everyone will like your story. Be open to criticism and advice. Ultimately, it is your story and should be the story you want to tell. However, you do want your story to sell and that means thinking about what a reader wants in a good story. It means growing as a writer.

7) When did you start writing?

I have enjoyed books and stories from the time I was very small. So, the written word has always been there. Unfortunately, life took me a different direction and I was forty years old before I seriously considered trying to publish. I’d recently began reading again (kids and work had stolen my reading time for many years). I was struggling with increased depression and anxiety, when I started playing around with story ideas during my breaks. When I began reading again I searched out the authors that I found I enjoyed on Facebook and met some online book lovers who encouraged me to write with a focus on publishing. My family were very supportive and in 2014, due to my increased medical issues, my husband told me to quit my full-time job and write full-time instead. My first novel was published in September, 2014.

8) Who is your favorite author? Why?

This is probably my least favorite question. I love so many different authors that I don’t like to try and say one over another. But, I do love my co-coordinator from the “A Guide to | Claiming a Scaredy Cat” anthology, S. E. Isaac. Here are a few more names to check out: Laurann Dohner, Eve Langlais, Jayne Rylon, Elle Boon, Chelsea O’Neal, Abbie Carlisle, Karen Marie Moning, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Ariel Marie.

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