Unfinished Coffee

I never get to finish my coffee.

That sentence is almost sacrilegious, isn’t it? But it’s the truth. Every time I pour myself some coffee and sit to drink it, it seems my son needs something or the other taken care of. I always get interrupted by the need for a diaper change (he’s 14 months old) or a bottle made or just plain wanting attention. If it isn’t the kid, it’s the list of chores that call to me. I get side-tracked, start doing something, put my coffee down and lose it.

Just once, I want my child to let me drink my coffee. I can guarantee he would find that I’m a much more pleasant woman once I’ve had it. However, it seems I’m doomed to never finishing my coffee.  Parenting is funny that way.

I really wouldn’t change a thing though. Watching a 14 mother old wobble as he takes a few steps is the cutest thing. Seeing him bounce up and down at the sight of you is adorable. And his smile. Yes, parenting is rewarding.

If only I could finish my coffee.

10 thoughts on “Unfinished Coffee

  1. With summer coming up, which I’m super happy about, switching to iced coffee might be a good idea? I too have the same problem that I can never seem to finish a cup of coffee but going back to a purposefully cold coffee tastes great. I typically mix it with coconut milk and a little bit of hot cocoa mix to make it taste like a treat and give me some much needed energy.


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