Please Don’t Go I’ll Eat you Up…

…..I love you so!

Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite book growing up. My mom would read it to me reading the voices differently. I liked to pretend I was little Max going on a grand adventure.

This line always stuck to me. It does now as I have to let go of clients who are ready to go home. Not because I love them, but because I’ve gotten accustomed to working with them and helping them learn to cope with their problems. I don’t want to start working with a new caseload and let them leave because I got comfortable. That’s dangerous…Getting comfortable.

I’m so proud of the ones who are ready to go and have been taught all they need to be taught. It’s time for them to fly. And it’s time for me to step back and turn my attentions on the new people desperately in need of my help. It’s time to spread my wings to fly as well.

It’s time to allow myself to stay in a state where I’m uncomfortable. How? Well, I’m going to try something new every day no matter how small it is. I’m going to challenge myself to doing something productive everyday. It can be simply cleaning something I’ve never bothered to clean before, reading a book I normally wouldn’t read, or talking to a stranger. Who knows what it will be daily. Part of this goal is to not only keep me in a constant state of uncomfortable to where I’m growing, it is to change my lifestyle and get out of a rut.

What do you do to get uncomfortable?



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