Anthology Time!!!!!!!

Yes, this is another article about the anthology I’m in, and I’m not sorry! I’m so thoroughly excited! My final draft is turned in, and we are coming into the home stretch with formatting and promoting!  First, I want to thank our two co-founders, S.E. Isaac and Josette Reuel (Read about them Here and Here)! They have been absolutely fantastic!

This story about a scaredy cat has been soooo much fun to write! So much in fact that I’m making my story a series so stay tuned for the information on that in upcoming articles! If you are interested in buying the anthology for $2.99, heres the Link.

Why is it $2.99, that seems a bit high? It’s $2.99 because it is TEN stories, 150,000+ words, and a portion of all sales go to the Wounded Warrior Project! You are most certainly getting your moneys worth buying this anthology. It is a paranormal romance. If you want more information about the anthology, check out its facebook page here.

I hope you consider supporting this anthology by preording it and joining us on the fb page!

Guide to claiming scaredy 1

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