New Journeys

Recently, my fiancé and I took on a new journey. We were struggling to make ends meet for various reasons (a good bit of my own doing). Anthony wasn’t able to get to work on time due to my work schedule. Something had to be done. One of his friends needed a place to live so we made a deal with him: babysit our child until I get home so Anthony can get to work on time and work more hours, clean up after yourself, and help put in for the food in the house and our spare bedroom is yours. His friend agreed. This journey is something I have yet to regret. Not only is his friend holding up his end of the bargain, he is going above and beyond. Instead of just putting his dishes away and cleaning them and stuff, he has deep cleaned our entire kitchen then did the same for our living room. He has cooked dinner for us multiple times. He is helping us clear out the spare room (will be his once I can get my shit together). He is wonderful with our son and takes care of him even when we don’t ask him to!

I wanted to write about this because honestly, I was afraid of making this offer. I was apprehensive about having another person in our house. And yes, not being able to walk around indecently anymore is kinda annoying at times and having to share the only working bathroom is frustrating, but overall, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s also nice for my fiancé to have someone into the same things as him in the house. I don’t have to hear him whine about having no one who understands his nerd game stuff anymore.

It’s terrifying at times to think about embarking on new journeys and thinking about change. But if nothing changed, nothing would become better. I liken this situation to my blog. If I didn’t make a change, this blog wouldn’t be moving forward. It would fizzle and die forever. For my change, I took a three month hiatus allowing myself to rejuvenate and remember my love for writing again. So here I go like the chance we took on our home life, taking a chance and blogging and writing again.

That being said…I need your help!

What are some things you would like me to write about and you would like to read?

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