Life’s Little Curveballs

Ever feel like you are in a hole so deep you can’t even see the top? That’s where I am right now. I’m drowning in stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelming financial problems. However, I also know that everything happens for a reason. Somehow, my fiancé and I will dig ourselves out of the hole one thing at a time. He got a second job and is working two jobs to help us. I am doing any kind of side work I can think of (if any of you need things written for you I’ll give you a good price I promise!).

The latest curveball came from a car accident I had on my way home from work on Wednesday August 1. It was raining and a I took a curve too fast and panicked when my car skidded. I hit my breaks and turned my wheel hard against the skid making my car roll. Thankfully, I was the only one in the accident and car. I am also ok. I have some bad back pain that is all muscular according to the doctors. So I’m resting. But this caused us to have to find me a new car and for me to take two days off work. That didn’t help the financial issues.

However, despite crippling anxiety and depression, I refuse to stay down for long. I took August 2 to relax and regroup. Friday, August 3, my fiancé and I worked on finding me a new car. I know that I could have died so that reminds me to be thankful for the little things.

How should we handle curveballs?

Jumping in feet first. Recognize that it’s ok to be upset with what happened, but you also need to recognize that that means we have to cope in different ways. I had to change my plans and rework the budget. Both things I DID NOT want to do, but I had to. I had to learn to be ok with the change. There was no room for hesitating because it was unavoidable. Also don’t be afraid of crying and being angry. Don’t be afraid of your feelings (a different article will be put up talking about my emotions and stuff next week so stay tuned).

Who did you call?

When it happened the first person I called was my fiancé (people who stopped at the scene had already called 9-1-1). He got our baby from daycare and came straight to me. He dealt with the wrecker and getting the car to our house then took me to the hospital. The next person I called was my boss to call out. Then my mom. I couldn’t have handled this without my fiancé, bosses who care about me, and my mom.

Why write about something so traumatic?

For me, writing is a release. It helps me process things. Writing this article was healing in a way. Does that mean everyone should write about things like this? No! Everyone is different. One of my coping mechanisms is writing so doing this helped me. Writing about it could hurt others so this coping mechanism isn’t for everyone.

Until next time, let me know what you think! Tell me about your curveballs and how you handle them!

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