All of the New Habits

See the source imageI’ve been building new habits. For five weeks now, I’ve been doing weight watchers, tracking everything I eat and all exercise I get. I’ve been becoming more aware of how I’m eating which has led me to losing 8.6 lbs. That is nowhere near what I hope to lose in all; however, it is an amazing start. I’ve gone to a meeting for my weight watchers every Saturday for the last five weeks not skipping even one even when I really didn’t feel like going.

I’ve started picking the baby up from daycare, heading home to change, then heading to town with the baby to start walking and exercising every day (still fairly new and trying to get that going consistently)(In fact, that started on well…today…’s a process).

I’ve started trying to do housework and become that homemaker. That is still very much a huge process and a learning curve. Trying to figure out how to do all the chores, take care of the baby, and find time for myself in there is crazy!!!! This would also be one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging. I haven’t found the time, nor have I felt anything I have found the time to write to be 100% authentically me.

What are some “tricks” you’ve found help you?

Honestly, the most important thing I’ve learned and found is: leave work at work. Yep, you read that right. I’ve started forcing myself not to think about work once I leave my office for the day. I will not plan my next day at work, I will not think about how I could have done something better, and I will not think about my client’s issues once I leave that office. I used to leave everyday and harp on everything that went wrong, that I could have done differently, and cry for the pain my client’s are/were in or struggles they were dealing with. It wasn’t healthy. It prevented me from living my life and focusing on what I needed to focus on. So I have promised myself that I would leave work at work and not think about it in any way once I leave the office for the day nor would I think about it before entering the office in the morning.

Another thing of lesser importance I’ve found helpful is making my circle smaller. I used to reach out to everyone, be a big player in an online club, and try to have a ton of friends and talk to a ton of people every single day. I’ve stepped down from the admin position of the online club and instead of spending hours go through and commenting on the club members’ posts, I spend maybe five minutes if that. I no longer reach out to a ton of people. I only talk to maybe two to three people a day and two of them are my fiance and housemate. I no longer look for new friends. If I make some, then great! But I am no longer actively searching. And that has taken a huge stressor off of me. I’m finding myself have more time for the important things in my life now that I’ve cut these things down.

What habits are building right now? Share in the comments!

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