A Little Escape

C0D7421E-2FCB-44B2-A9C9-79834BD4468E.jpegMan oh man did I need to escape! Yesterday, I drove down to Morrow, Georgia to spend the afternoon, night, and most of today with my best friend who is more like a sister. I left the baby with my fiancé and escaped my reality for a little while.

Yesterday started like any other day….Until the fight began. Anthony and I fought all morning long about everything which ultimately led me to a breakdown where I cried. I cried because I felt trapped in life like I was going nowhere. I wasn’t happy with anything or with who I am. I left the house with both of us still miffed at each other.

The drive was stressful. If you know me, you know how much I despise driving in general let alone driving on an 8 lane highway. But once I got there…everything just faded away. We had to solve the problem of my electric vehicle needing to be charged and my cord not working. We finally went and dropped it off at a charging station while we went out to eat and shopping. We had the BEST Mexican food I’ve had like ever (I LOVE Mexican food) at La Parilla. Then we hit the Books a Million which was have a buy 2 get the 3rd free sale. I found a crooked book and got that book for 50% off as well! So I got 4 books for 25 dollars. My friend, Laura, bought 3 books and a game which we spent the rest of the night playing until we decided to read some of our new books.

I had a rough night there though getting very little sleep. My anxiety had me jumping at every little noise and I had a nightmare. However, in the morning, we spent our time reading and playing games on our phones. I love how Laura and I don’t have to be talking or doing something together all the time when together. It’s very comfortable.

I will forever be astonished at how horrible people are. We went to lunch at a chick fil a dwarf house. The people sitting behind us were so extremely rude to our waiter who simply was informing them of the items they were not currently serving. They were so rude that Laura and I were BOTH wanting to snap and say something. Instead, we were extra nice to our waiter and I decided to take the kindness a step further. I paid for the nasty couple behind us’ tab. Instead of simply saying thank you, the man argued about me paying the bill saying things like, “It’s not going to change my survey.” I told him  that I didn’t do it to change his survey and that I did it just to brighten his day a little. They continued to be ungrateful, nasty people. Laura and I made sure to leave our wonderful waiter who was WAY more patient than either of us would have been with the couple, a very nice tip and left thank you notes on the receipt before leaving. We both left there fuming.

We returned to her house where we spent time reading and playing on our phones until it was time for me to pack up and leave. On my way home, I realized I would need to stop to charge my car to get home all the way so I stopped in Alpharetta and found a charging station. There was a bench, and it was a beautiful day so I soaked up the weather while reading a book for two hours while I waited. Then I finished the drive home where I was greeted by a very excited dog and a smiling fiancé. My son gave me the biggest smile and hug when he saw me as well.

And now as I sit here after a hot shower reflecting on my escape, I realize I was the one holding myself back. I was the one who kept myself trapped. I refused to adventure afraid of getting stranded or something scaring me. I did it. Now, I don’t want to do that anymore. Sure, I may still jump at my shadow and be fearful. But I will challenge myself to adventure into the world.

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