When The Noise Gets Too Loud

Life is loud, boisterous, and messy. At times, we just need to step back and find the quiet. However, when we are struggling to find the quiet, what do we do?

For me, when the noise get blurry in my ears and becomes just a constant roar, that is a sign I need to do some self-care. Lately, I’ve been feeling very much like the noise is a roar. I’ve had a lack of focus and my patience has been at absolute zilch. So I decided that it was time for some self-care. In fact, I decided upon a self-care weekend.

empty room

Friday: Friday consisted of me going to town after work and sitting in an empty building (on the college campus) and writing/reading. This is when I planned this blog out and planned the self-care weekend out. My fiancé cooked dinner and left it in the microwave for me for when I got home.

Saturday: My Saturdays always start early because of my weight watchers meeting at 8 am. This Saturday was no different. After the meeting, I spent the day reading and interacting with my son. Reading has always been self-care for me. Ever since I was a little girl, reading was my safe haven. It was the thing I turned to in times of pain, struggle, fear, etc.

Sunday: Today has been family day for a while now. I spent the day hanging with my family playing with my son and cuddling with my fiancé. It was a pretty lazy day.

While some of these things seem small, they add up to create a refreshed person. Someone who is relaxed and happy. I haven’t been relaxed in a while either. I hope you learn from me though. Do not wait until you are as worn down and burnt out as I was when I decided to do self-care. Do self-care all the time. Please. If we all wait until we are utterly exhausted in every way, the world would be a nasty place. When we are happy, other’s are happy. That’s important to remember.

Read more about self-care and mental health here:


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What are you doing right now for self-care? Answer in the comments!


5 thoughts on “When The Noise Gets Too Loud

  1. For self care I write in my journal until I can’t write anymore. A few days ago I was feeling so tense because my mind was just going a million miles an hour. After writing I noticed how much better I felt. I’m afraid of dumping my issues on others so I just turn to pen & paper :).


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