October Goals for the Blog

Recently, I looked more carefully at my blog stats. Typically, I ignore stats as my blog has always been about giving me an outlet. However, lately, I’ve found myself wanting to make this blog into something more (Honestly, I’m not sure what just now). Therefore, I looked at my stats and compared the months to each other.

My best month in all the time my blog has been up and running was February of this year with 500 views. Noticing that, I took myself farther and counted how many articles I posted that month and looked at the dates of when I posted them. Every few days.

So my two biggest goals for October are to:

  1. Get 600 views on the blog
  2. Write and schedule an article to be posted every few days (at least 3 articles a week)

It’s not enough to set these goals though. At least for me, if I don’t schedule and plan how I’m going to reach the goals, I’m not going to do anything to achieve them. I made a promise to myself recently that you will read about later this month. Also, I’ve made a point to start writing posts and saving them in drafts every day. And every day, I visit the posts and edit and add to them until they are complete. Every day, I will promote my blog via twitter at least twice if not more.

What are your October goals?


4 thoughts on “October Goals for the Blog

  1. I’m building my blog from the bottom up again and so my goal is to grow my email list and blog subscribers so that people can get notifications every time I post AND so I can be more accountable with posting and interacting!


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