50 Fun Facts About Me

As a way to get to know me better, I thought it’d be fun to post 50 facts about me. So jumping right in…

  1. I’m a mother to an almost 2 year old boy.
  2. Zebras are my favorite animal.
  3. Reading is my life.
  4. I would rather be cold than hot.
  5. I like hot chocolate more than coffee.
  6. I just changed jobs and am now a Juvenile Probation Officer (starting Oct. 16).
  7. I’m terrified of spiders.
  8. I’ve never seen The Notebook.
  9. My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast.
  10. I can’t cook very well.
  11. I enjoy playing skyrim and Zelda on the switch.
  12. My favorite color is turquoise.
  13. I have anxiety with panic and depression.
  14. I love chocolate.
  15. I’m on weight watchers and have lost 16 lbs in about 2 months.
  16. I own a fully electric car.
  17. I know how to knit and crochet.
  18. I was in an eighth grade class of 5 people.
  19. My favorite bookstore is in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  20. I had laser-eye surgery.
  21. I have a bachelors of science degree in Psychology.
  22. I want to go back to college for a Master’s degree.
  23. I love to travel.
  24. I’ve lived in Spain for a month.
  25. I went to a private Christian school from middle school through high school minus 1 year.
  26. I’ve had a best friend since the 6th grade. And yes, it is a boy. And no we aren’t sexually involved.
  27. I was born in New York.
  28. I hate storms.
  29. I love to try new foods.
  30. Sushi is my favorite.
  31. I hate swimming in lakes but love the ocean.
  32. I’ve worked in a pizza place before and it was the best job I’ve had thus far.
  33. I couldn’t imagine my life not having a full-time job along with writing full-time.
  34. I’ve been to Belize, Honduras, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, France, and Spain.
  35. I’m an only child.
  36. I love wine.
  37. Tequila is my liquor of choice.
  38. I hate lima beans.
  39. The number 4 is my lucky number.
  40. I can put only my left foot behind my head.
  41. I had an epidural for 12 hours when I gave birth to my son.
  42. I’m terrified of being in pain.
  43. I could eat 24/7.
  44. I don’t like anything horror or scary (movies).
  45. I don’t live well with others (went through three roommates in college).
  46. I have a cat and a dog.
  47. I love country music.
  48. My favorite ice cream is coffee flavor.
  49. The only piece of jewelry I wear regularly is my engagement ring.
  50. Disney world would be my dream vacation.

What is something interesting about you?

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