My Bucket List

I’ve never made a bucket list. I mean I have things I want to do, but I’ve never compiled them into one list. I thought I would now. As time goes on, I’ll add to the list too which will be fun to see.

map pic

Here goes…

  1. Travel to Italy
  2. Go back to college for a Master’s degree
  3. Visit all 50 states
  4. Travel to Australia
  5. See all the wonders of the world
  6. write and publish a book the old-fashioned way
  7. learn to ballroom dance
  8. Learn to ski
  9. Throw a perfect game in bowling

So far, a measely nine items is all I have. Travel is my love and passion next to reading. While I’d love to add read every book ever written on here, I know it is an impossible goal.

As part of writing this article, I asked my best friend what hers was and if I could steal some. Some of hers that I found interesting were:

  1. Go to New Zealand
  2. Go to Venice
  3. Drink wine in Italy at a vineyard

Do you think she’ll pack me in a suitcase of hers when she goes to these three places? I’m small at 4″11 so I could totally fit.

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What does your bucket list look like? Tell me in the comments!


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