Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Any and all information read on Article Alley is due to your own personal choice. This blog serves to entertain others and express my own personal feelings and thoughts. I do not offer professional advice and do not serve as an expert on any subject. As a completely imperfect human, I strive to provide accurate information; however, science and knowledge is always changing and growing.

I always strive to be sensitive to others’ beliefs, religions, and feelings. However, I am not responsible for any harm or damage accrued directly or indirectly from reading my blog.

As the author, I can change any part of the terms and conditions and privacy notice.

Copyright Policy

The Content provided through Article Alley has been written and created on my own. Some photos are retrieved from google while others are taken on my own.

In order to reuse my content, permission must first be granted.

Privacy Statement

All personal information given by the reader will be protected and kept private. The only information gather is name and email when commenting and any information volunteered by the reader.

Guest Posts

From time to time, a guest post may appear. These pos are written by the guest  author and are the opinions of said guest author.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at alymcgowan04@gmail.com.


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