Becoming a homemaker: session 2

One of the days that I was off before I started my new job, I spent doing all housework and blog work. I did housework throughout and still do it, but this day, I remember specifically by the hour in my phone calendar breaking the day up through chores giving specific times and jobs.  While I didn’t do all of the jobs I sectioned out, I did other things. Having the schedule kept me motivated to do something housework and/or blog motivated!

Some of the things I had scheduled down to the half hour as you can see above. I ended up scrapping the cleaning the bedroom floor and vacuuming the whole house and instead focused more attention on thoroughly cleaning Liam’s room, dishes, and laundry. I even dusted in his room which dusting is something I forget to do!

In order to do the cleaning I wanted to do, I had to buy cleaning supplies. Who knew that I would want specific things (I didn’t!). So to dollar tree I went. Yep, you read that right. Dollar tree. My fiancé and I are struggling financially so we are always aiming to save money when possible. A coworker had told me that dollar tree had a bunch of cleaning supplies and other goodies so I opted to check it out.dollar tree pic

6.95. That is how much I spent on things I needed. Liam’s room smells and looks wonderful finally. And I have new sponges to wash dishes with. Is it weird that I’m getting excited about dishes?

What is a task that is relatively new to you that you are trying? Let me know in the comments.


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