Screaming Child.

When I first started writing this article, I hadn’t heard anything except screaming from my son all day long. I had a break when he fell asleep on my lap. Then later on around 7 pm…His fever spiked high. We decided to take him to the ER and a good thing we did. When they first took his temperature, it was 104 degrees.Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping

We watched them poke and prod him. We watched them try five times to draw blood and listened to him scream. I held him in my arms and comforted him while we waited for the results. We went for x-rays. We waited some more.

All in all, we were there for four long hours. And we learned nothing.

“It’s viral. We are waiting on one blood culture and one urine culture though which will take 2 or so days. So we are going to give him a shot of antibiotics and send you home with an antibiotic in case. You need to follow up with his pediatrician Monday.” They said.

How worthless. How infuriating. All I want is to know why my baby has a 104 degree fever. I want to know why he has this awful rash. I want answers.

When we finally made it home, the energy just drained out of me. I was so worn out from my anxiety running so high at the hospital. It took everything in me to lay on the couch where I fell asleep. This morning, Liam is happy go lucky with no fever. I’m expecting it to get worse as the day goes on as it normally does with illness. All I can say is thank God I’m off this week so that I can take care of my little man.

Then came the follow up. The appointment was at 11:40 am. We didn’t leave the pediatricians office until almost 1:30. We left just as confused as ever. And even more upset. Our pediatrician is great, but the lab work she received from the hospital told us nothing. All it told us was that he is anemic and that on Saturday his blood sugar was high.

“It could be a few different things. The rash could be caused by a viral infection or it could be caused by an allergy to a medication. We are going to stop giving him all antibiotics. In the future, if we need to give him something we will give his first dose here in the office to keep an eye on him. I want you to get this over the counter iron supplement and give him one dropper a day. I want to see you in a month for a recheck on his anemia. I want you to come back later this week to have a full blood work up done on Liam and a blood sugar test.” His pediatrician explained.

By that point, I was overwhelmed and exhausted. He’d grown inconsolable after his ears got checked. He was screaming and unhappy and I felt like a complete failure. So I made my way home. After feeding Liam cooked chicken breast, banana, and a few little chunks of cheese, I took a nap that lasted almost 3 hours. When I woke up, it was time for my fiancé to come home. We went to the store for a few things we needed, then at home fed and put the baby to bed and laid down ourselves.

Wednesday came as did the second pediatrician appointment for the week. His blood sugar turned out just fine. His pediatrician diagnosed him with a mild case of the chicken pox.

“It’s normal for toddlers who have had the vaccine to get a mild case of it. Just keep him home for a few days, and he’ll get better on his on.” The doctor said.

That left me with the baby every day of my vacation. I love my son, but I was looking forward to a few days reprieve with him in daycare to get the stuff around the house done. This exhausted mama got even more exhausted just thinking about taking care of a toddler on top of the household chores.

Will I make it through? Ask me that next week.

What has your week been like? Tell me in the comments!

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