First Days

My son and I shared a first day today (Oct 16). Today started a new daycare for him and a new job for me. My new job was planned while the new daycare was not. Yesterday, when I picked him up from his old daycare, he had three- THREE- bite marks on his stomach and the workers said that they didn’t see anything happened and that none of the kids bit my son. They tried to say it was ringworm. It most certainly was not ringworm.

So, after calling my mom, going to the police station, and getting home, I sent an email to the owners who sent it to the regional director who worked diligently to find the details out. Ultimately, I received no answers. I did receive a refund of the money I paid for this week.

This morning on my first day at my new job, I was forced to rush around to get him enrolled in a new daycare for today and the future before getting to work at 8:15am. I was successful and the new daycare is wonderful.

Of course, this caused a stressful morning. I was up at 4:30 am in order to prepare. I wrote and scheduled a blog post, edited another, made the necessary phone call at 6:30 am, did my makeup and hair, got dressed, changed and fed Liam, and drove him to daycare where I filled out the enrollment paperwork before heading to work. I arrived at work at 8:15 and had my tour, met the other new employee starting the same day as me, and conversated with the others in the office. While the other new employee got to get used to his office, I got and get to use a borrowed office. Technically, I’ll be a juvenile probation officer for two counties and able to work out of a different county’s office. My office will be in one of the counties I’m working for but will most likely share an office with the other new employee since it is closer to my house. I’ll only be require to be in my two counties when I need to do house visits and school visits.


The new daycare uses an app to keep the parents updated throughout the day. I loved this. I loved knowing what my son ate for lunch and how much. I loved being able to have my phone during the day at this job. I loved the people I work with. I loved knowing my son was happy because when my mom and I toured the new daycare last week, it was absolutely stunning everything they had to offer.

So together we embarked on an adventure today. Liam experienced the joys of meeting new people, getting a long nap (the old daycare couldn’t get him to nap), delicious food, and fun play times. I learned new things, got to know new people, and felt more at home at this job than I ever did at my old job.

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