Routines are like habits (see all about some habits of mine here). They aren’t exactly the same thing because a routine isn’t just one thing you repeatedly do. A routine is many things repetitively done. We have all sorts of them–skincare routines, bedtime routines, housework routines, etc.

Depending on where in life’s journey one is will determine the kinds of routines we do.

For example:

When I was…uhhhh….about 5 or 6 I didn’t give a rat’s ass about washing my face, using toner, and using moisturizer. So therefore, I didn’t have a skincare routine.

When I was 17, my stepfather was in a motorcycle accident and was in the hospital for six months. I spent my day going to school then the hospital, then home then repeat it the next day.

When I was 22, I got my first full time job and then started getting up at 5 am, going to work, coming home, taking care of the baby, and going to bed just to repeat it the next day.

Routines. They change as we change. As our lives change, we adapt and change our many habits with have that create our routine. I want to talk about intentionality for a bit. Habits aren’t something that just happen. They are things you purposefully do. You have to choose what you do and what you want to do with thought. Recently, I’ve had to begin a new routine. I got a new job as many readers of mine know.

Here’s how I’m intentionally setting my new routine:

  1. Wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 am.
  2. Scroll through twitter a little while coffee brews.
  3. Edit and write blog posts while drinking coffee.
  4. Shower and dress by 7:15 am.
  5. Get baby ready and leave to drop him off at daycare by 7:30 am.
  6. Get to work by 8:30am.
  7. Work until 5pm.
  8. Pick up baby from daycare around 5:45 pm.
  9. Bring Liam (baby) home and feed him by 6:45pm.
  10. Let Liam have daddy and son time while I go charge my car for about two hours.
  11. Write on my WIP and blog posts while car charges.
  12. Go home and soak in a hot bath around 9 pm.
  13. Get in bed, go to sleep, and do it all over the next day.

Of course, this routine is for weekdays. Weekends often vary due to not having work or daycare.

What is your intentional routine? Tell me in the comments!

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