Blogger Recognition Award

The Rules:

  1. Give thanks
  2. Write a post for the award
  3. How did your blog start?
  4. Give some advice
  5. Nominate other bloggers
  6. Comment and share the reward

Thank you SO much!!!!

The fact that I was thought about while someone was writing their blog recognition award post (Lee Bowden) has quite literally made my day!

But I really have to thank my readers who visit my blog and read my content! I do it for you all so my award article is dedicated to all of you!

The beginning:

Article Alley began as a way to express my feelings and thoughts and to work out my anxiety. I started just a little over a year ago actually! It was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Help! I don’t know where to begin or what to write!

My advice to a new blogger or any blogger would be:

  1. Have fun with it! Blogging isn’t worth it if you aren’t having fun writing.
  1. Interact with other bloggers! They are going to turn out to be some of your best support. I interact through twitter and following, reading, and commenting on their blog posts!
  1. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself by comparing. Who cares if that other person posts 4 times a week while you only post 1 time a week. Quality over quantity every single day of the week!

Who deserves this?

Well, my girls S.E Isaac and Stephanie do! But really anyone who works super hard at blogging and works hard to support other bloggers deserves this award. Those are just the two I intend on nominating!

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