The Start of New Finances

I’ve decided that this month is a NO spend month! From November 4th to December 4th I will only pay the bills and buy groceries. No starbucks. No books. Nothing else. I’m terrified.

Why do this?

Because I have a bad bad spending addiction. Because our finances are in shambles and we are barely making it. I have to change something. I have to try something new. So on top of doing NaNoWriMo to finish my first draft of my novel that I promised myself to have done by October of 2020, I am going to tackle changing how I handle my finances.

I’m hoping that NaNoWriMo will help distract me from spending money.

How will I achieve this?

I believe in having a plan. My plan is to use NaNoWriMo as a distraction from spending. I also signed up for a site that sends me a list of FREE ebooks to help my reading addiction. I will also after I pay the bills and buy the groceries be giving ALL my debit and credit cards to my fiancé to put away where I can’t get them. I want to see how this helps and how this changes our lives.

Where did you get this idea?

From Twitter! I’ve seen so many others do No spend months and gush about all the positives that when I realized how bad off I am and that a change is needed, I opted to try it for myself.

What is your financial goals? Tell me in the comments!

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