Digging Deep

As the year comes to a close, I’ve been thinking and planning where I want to take my creativity next year. I’ve been considering how I want this blog to go, how I want my writing for my book to go, my publishing goals, etc.

I spend most of my time creating. Even at my “day job” I sit on my phone in slow periods and write. This leads me to the question: how do I turn this blog into something more? I’m not talking about money. At least not directly.

You see the last couple of months, I’ve felt a little lost writing the stuff I’ve been writing. I love all my articles don’t get me wrong, but they just feel so….underwhelming to me. I want to change that.

This means that in the coming month (December) and into January, this site and all its articles are going to go through some serious editing and boosting. It means a whole lot more time spent writing. My goal is to have it all completed by the last day of January.

I’m exploring different options to make this a place of comfort and fun for my readers. I’m exploring ways to keep it new and exciting. I’m brainstorming ways to engage my audience. I’m working to find a posting schedule that works for me and for my readers.

How are you exploring all of this?

I am observing others. I’m reading others’ works whether it be their books or their blogs. I am watching their social media accounts to see what they are doing differently. I’m asking questions. I’m watching youtube videos and using google like I used to in college. And yes, I’m taking notes. I’m taking notes of what I’m seeing works and what doesn’t work. I’m doing trial and error as well! I’m engaging with others more and learning my way blindly.

How can I help?

I’m looking for your aid in a few ways. Comment on my posts and point me in the direction you like to see. Send me article links of yours that might help me. Like my posts. Share them. Follow my twitter and engage with my tweets or DM some ideas. How this blog changes will ultimately be up to you.

2 thoughts on “Digging Deep

  1. My first suggestion would be making it easier to see and access your recent (and older) articles. When I click on Home or About, it takes me to the same place and I have to look at the side bar of recent posts to find anything. So maybe rearranging what shows up on your Home page could be a good start!


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