My Top Five Rated Cooking Shows

Everyone has guilty pleasures, Right? Well, I do for sure. For as long as I can remember, one of my biggest guilty pleasures is cooking/food network shows! I could lay in bed for a week straight just watching cooking shows. Ironic thing? I can’t cook.

So what are my favorite shows and how would I rate them? Here we go in order from Most favorite to least favorite:

  1. Chopped: 10/10. I LOVE watching people make a full dish out of seemingly disjointed items. It makes me think that I could look in my cabinet, pull out random stuff, and create a masterpiece.
  2. Beat Bobby Flay: 9/10. I watch this because I love Bobby Flay. Not going to lie, he’s definitely my celebrity crush. I could watch and listen to him talk all day every day.
  3. Diners, Drive ins, and Dives: 7/10. I was turned on to this show by my late stepfather so this show has a special place in my heart. I like finding new places to eat and have an ever growing list of places to try Thanks to this show.
  4. Cupcake Wars: 5/10. Because who doesn’t love cupcakes?! When I’m in the mood for sweets, this almost takes care of the craving.
  5. Guys Grocery Games: 6/10. While this has a higher rating than the cupcake wars, it’s my least favorite because I just watch it less than the others. All of the others I could rewatch over and over again. This one I don’t feel that way as much.

This was SO HARD. Honestly, none of this are bad shows no matter how I rated them. The rating took into account how often I watch the shows, how entertained they keep me, how relaxed they make, and how much fun I have watching them. Also, I watch many more cooking/food network shows than just these five as well. These are just my top picks and the ones I watch the most often.

What shows do you count as your guilty pleasures?

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