December Goals

It’s that time again!!!! It’s time to talk about my goals! Last month I achieved some goals but not all (article on that coming soon). For now let’s talk about December!

  1. Publish at least one blog article every week.
  2. Start making the shift on my blog for where I want to take it in 2019.
  3. More engagement in the blogging community.
  4. More engagement in real life.
  5. Keep the house clean.
  6. Take better care of my mental health.

A lot of these goals have to do with my blog. The month of November was pretty much focused solely on NaNoWriMo meaning I let my blog be put to the side. So December is when I am throwing myself back into blogging. I started working towards this goal by focusing the last week of November on writing and scheduling blog posts for December!

As for the more engagement in real life, I’ve found myself hiding at home. My anxiety has truly gotten the best of me, and I have allowed it to cripple my personal life.

My house is hit or miss with cleanliness. So this month I’m determined to make it more hit than miss. I have to work out a schedule for housework.

Like I mentioned, I’ve let my anxiety get the best of me. So I want to tackle my mental health and take care of it better. I’ve started this goal already by scheduling my counseling and psychiatry appointments.

What are your goals for December? Why are they so important to you? Let me know in the comments!

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