Recap of November Goals

Monthly goals are difficult to set for me! There is a very fine line between doable and overly ambitious, and I often tend to set overly ambitious ones as opposed to doable ones.  Let’s review the goals I had set for November (see post here):

  1. Become financially responsible
  2. win NaNoWriMo and complete the first draft of my book
  3. continue becoming a homemaker
  4. become more supportive of other bloggers/writers/people in general

How did I do?

Ok, ummmm…..what exactly is financially responsible? Because while I did better with my money, I definitely did not do well with this no spend thing. I like to spend money which is why doing a no spend month is difficult for me.

I successfully completed NaNoWriMo with just over 62,000 words! This has to be my proudest achievement of November. I worked tirelessly on it alongside being a mother and having a full time job! My first draft of my book is written! A book that had been simmering in my mind is finally on paper, how freaking awesome is that?!?!

I didn’t really do much on the homemaker front. I disappointed myself with my total laziness in that department. It seems that I focused so much on being a mom, probation officer, and writing constantly that the house fell apart. I have quite the mess to clean up this month to be honest.

I feel I have been extremely supportive of others especially in the twitter writing community. I read and commented on more blogs than usual, participated in writer chats, and commented on people’s tweets. I participated in another blogger’s series she had going on. In real life, I supported a friend struggling with her mental health and health in general. I reached out to my loved ones checking on them.

I found myself successful on 2 out of 4 goals which I’m counting as a win. By not achieving all my goals, I’m learning that perfection is impossible. It gives me stuff to work for this month! November was a good month. I am pleased with my accomplishments.

What did you accomplish in November?

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