The Christmas Tradition

Tradition: a long established custom or belief.

Every year, my mother buys us tickets to see the Nutcracker in theatre. We’ve been going to it for as long as I can remember. Some years we see it done by a local ballet group while others we go to the Fox theatre to see it. Every year we go out to eat either before or after sometimes both. It’s our mother-daughter tradition.

This year we saw a local ballet group perform the play. Before the play, we went to a Japanese restaurant and had sushi and wine. After the play, we went to an early dinner at Luciano’s. This tradition marks the beginning of the Christmas season for us.

As time passes, traditions change. Some disappear while new ones are created. Value is made and destroyed over time. Humans tend to give sentimentality to things that feel familiar which is what makes traditions so magical. It’s familiar to me to sit in an auditorium dim barring spotlights watching people glide across the stage. Warm, fuzzy feelings come to the surface with each crescendo of the music.

Most of the time, traditions change when a life change happens. You find a new boyfriend or girlfriend, someone dies, someone moves far away, etc. These tunes can be very emotional for us. It is a sense of loss when a tradition fades-almost like grief. I’ve always said that everyone goes through a grieving process for everything that changes.

What’s your tradition?

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