December Goals Recap

I shared a few goals with you earlier in the month. Things like publish at least one article every week and engage more in the blogging community. Things I feel, I definitely completed!

This month, I have published THREE articles every single week. THREE. That is huge for me! It took a lot of dedication and perseverance. There were days I wanted to say forget it, but pushed through simply because I didn’t want to look to be someone who didn’t keep her word to her readers.

I have spoken to so many new people through twitter. I have commented on their tweets, read their posts. I could have done better about commenting on their blog posts but I hope to improve that come the New Year. By doing more engagement, I learned more of where I wanted to take the blog for the new year so keep your eyes open for what is to come!

Some goals I didn’t meet to the best of my ability are keeping the house clean and taking better care of my mental health. I spent much of December sick. I was miserable as I always am when sick. Ask anyone around me, I am the worst patient ever. Of course, I used being sick as an excuse to not clean the house so the house stayed the same disaster zone it was before. As for my mental health….I tried to go to my psychiatry appointment but my psychiatrist had to take a sick day the day of my appointment so I couldn’t get in to see him until January. I did go to my counseling appointment though so I would say I halfway accomplished the goal. I also failed to take my medicine daily. My insurance has decided to not cover my medicine anymore either, so I’m fighting that now too.

Overall, I feel that the month was successful. December is always quite stressful and busy for me with the holidays and my son’s birthday. The fact that I accomplished what I did accomplish makes me proud. The rest of it, I will just do better next time.

What goals did you accomplish this month?

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