Individual of the Week-Umair Ansari

Starting off, introduce yourself to us. Tell us your name, job, and two fun facts about yourself.


My name is Umair Ansari. I am the creator and owner of Raking Pursuits. I have worked as Inbound MarketingManager for start-ups and government organization.


What is your current goal that you are working towards?


I love digital marketing and how it affects the world we live in. My goal is to deliver practical and more importantly useful content to the readers; irrespective of whether they’re an individual or a business.


What is one obstacle in your way of achieving above mentioned goal? And what is your plan in overcoming that obstacle?


Time management. Developing quality content takes time. My plan is to use tools that would make me efficient at delivering it regularly. 

Why is your goal so important to you?


I realized the value of quality a little late in my career which ended up costing me lot of failed attempts. 

Now that I have experience under my belt, I want to help others avoid the mistakes I made & save time.


Who is your role model? Why?


Actually, more than a role model, I was more concerned about finding the right person who could be a guide for my digital marketing career. I have been able to learn & imbibe lot of things from lot of people around me. 


What is one cause/issue you think is important to bring awareness to and why? 


Child education. There are still many children who are not able to go to school. Basic education must be provided to kids for their & the world’s better future. 

What is one thing you do to relax or relieve stress?


Listen to music or play my digital Piano or watch a movie.


Do you have any guilty pleasures? If so, what are they?




Who are your favorite bloggers and what drew you into their blog?


Ian Cleary, Matthew Woodward, Brian Dean. All three of them are awesome. I love their content. It is exactly kind of content I would love to create.

Share any links you want to share with the readers, photo or logo if you please, and anything else you want them to know.


My blog is: https:/


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