January Goals

I just published an article about my 2019 goals. I had mentioned that I was only setting a few goals for the year to make it manageable. However, I believe it is important to set mini goals each month as well. I believe working towards new goals no matter how small is how we grow as people. Let’s talk about January Goals for a bit.

  1. Leave a review for every book I read this month on amazon.
  2. Pay at least 100 dollars off of my credit card.
  3. Write and preschedule at the least two posts a week for the blog through the end of February.

One of the biggest ways we can support indie authors is by leaving reviews. I am really bad about remembering to do this however. So, I intend to write my review immediately after finishing each book.

My second goal of the month works towards my overall goal for the year of paying off my credit card. If I can set a manageable amount of money to pay off each month, I think it will help me achieve the big goal of having no credit card debt.

The third goal is something practical for me. In February, I will leave for training for five long weeks and will not have access to my laptop Monday through Friday. I want to have everything I need pre-scheduled so that my blog doesn’t go by the wayside. This might be the hardest January goal to meet for me. It means a lot of my January will be spent writing for the blog to be able to post for January and February. This third goal also speaks to the overall goal I have for the blog for the year.

Struggles I forsee hindering me…

I will inevitable find myself so busy I procrastinate on all of the goals. I will wait to write until the last minute as well as continuously put off writing the book review. I like to tell myself: “I’ll do that when I get home” and then when I get home, I tend to go to sleep almost immediately or start doing something else.

I feel like I will get overwhelmed trying to write all of those blog articles. It’s a lot to tackle in a month. It’s ten posts just for February alone; forget about January’s posts. Finding the inspiration for so many posts on such short time will prove to be difficult as well.

2 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. Love the fact you want to spread some love by leaving reviews! I really need to do that myself. Also love your dedication to your blog, if you can set aside 20-30 mins a day for writing you’ll get them done in no time! Wish you loads of luck, lovely! 🙂

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