The Quote that Changed my Thinking

Be the heroine in your life. Not the victim.

I spent 2018 feeling like the victim of the year and of my life. By the time December came around, I felt violated and broken down by my circumstances. I let the things around me beat me up until I gave up. Then, I read the quote I put above.

I decided that 2019 would be the year I fought again, harder than ever. It would be the year I became the heroine. I would save the day. I would be creative and find ways to make things work. I would. I would battle tooth and nail for my future and my son’s future. It’s funny how there are times that we can’t see how we are acting the victim. We play the victim card to excuse us from so many things.

As I start the year, I have to look at every aspect of my life. I have to ask myself what needs to stay and what needs to go. Then I have to dredge up the courage to throw out anything and everything that needs to go. But, I have to actually make the lists first in order to know what to get rid of.

Things that need to stay:

mental health medications


weight watchers (and I actually need to go to the meetings)

healthy eating



coping methods (writing everything out then burning the paper, hot tea and baths, etc)

Things that need to go: 

toxic friendships

credit card debt

The junk collecting in the house (such as all the stuff the old housemate left behind)

clothes that don’t fit

negative thoughts

I can guarantee that there are plenty more to add to these lists. These are the top ones off the top of my head. Other things I can do to fight for my future and my sons future include expanding my knowledge, increasing my awareness of my surroundings, and increasing revenue in small ways. 2019 isn’t going to be a year I just sit back and let things happen. I will have a hand in everything that happens.

Are you the heroine/hero of your story?

2 thoughts on “The Quote that Changed my Thinking

  1. What fascinating timing – I recently declared that this year, the year of 2019, will be the year of Overcoming.

    And I took a major step today already – by biting the bullet and taking steps to overcome my phone phobia by actually calling MNsure and getting set up with a health insurance plan. The fact that I managed to do it and not stutter my way through the entire conversation has had me riding in a mental high all day. 🙂

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