Top Five Fears

Everyone is afraid of something. Oftentimes, fear is what brings us together. We bond over the fact that we are afraid of the same things (is that not weird or what?!). However, most of the time, we don’t like to admit that we are truly afraid at least not in the moment. I thought I’d talk about my top fears.

  1. spiders: This is easily my top number 1 fear. If there is a spider in the room and I see it I am screaming and running out. I make my fiancé or whoever is around kill it before I’ll go inside the room again. Try putting two people terrified of spiders in the same room with a spider. It’s hilarious for everyone else to watch. Picture this: college dorm room with two young women scared of spiders find a spider in the top corner of the ceiling of their room. Both refusing to kill it, until finally one grabs the raid can (we lived in the creepy basement) and stood on the edge of the bed angled as far away with her eyes closed and randomly sprayed raid at and on the spider like  a maniac… (I was the maniac with her eyes closed).
  2. driving: I drive. All. The. Time. but I’m afraid of it. I didn’t get my license until I was 21 years old because driving scared me. This fear was compounded when I rolled my Jeep last August. Now, I drive slower than a grandma and tend to have panic attacks over driving.
  3. Rejection: I would rather keep to myself than put myself out there to be possibly rejected. I want everyone to like me. I want people to approve of what I do and say. I’m afraid that if I try to speak up for myself or thoughts that people will shut me down quickly.
  4. Being alone: I don’t mean being single. I mean being at home alone without anyone else. Being home alone makes me paranoid and on high alert. Every house sound is someone breaking in to kill me. Every shadow is a monster.
  5. Not having access to my phone: Not because I’m addicted to it (which I am) but because my stepfather died in a motorcycle accident and they couldn’t find his phone to call us to tell us until HOURS later. I’m terrified I’ll miss a call stating someone I love is seriously injured or that my loved ones will fail to be notified if I got injured. Weird thing, I know.

These are only a few of my fears and the ones at the top of the list. I am a fearful person. I jump at my own shadow. It’s something I’m working on.

What are your top fears?

2 thoughts on “Top Five Fears

  1. My biggest fear used to be sharks, but I overcame it. However, I am still scared of the open ocean… for example, when I scuba dive, I HAVE to be able to see the bottom or at least 10-15 meters of visibility or I’ll freak out. I’m also really scared of losing my health, I want to be able to be active for as long as possible.

    Rachel ||


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