Individual of the Week-Stephanie

Starting off, introduce yourself to us. Tell us your name, job, and two fun facts about yourself.


My name is Stephanie. I work for customer service for health insurance. I don’t know if I have any fun facts, lol. Number one: I was born 1 pound and 14 oz and went down to 1 pound and 7 oz. number two: I was born with one and a half lungs.


What is your current goal that you are working towards?


Right now, I would love to go back to school in 2019 and I want to write more in my blog.


What is one obstacle in your way of achieving above mentioned goal? And what is your plan in overcoming that obstacle?


Myself. My anxiety. I don’t want to be on debt again. I would love to do something with children.


Why is your goal so important to you?


I don’t have a reason. It’s just what I want to do.


Who is your role model? Why?


My mother. She has been with our family through everything and still keeps everything together.


What is one cause/issue you think is important to bring awareness to and why? 

Mental health. There is not enough mention about it and it’s very important to me. I’ve dealt with anxiety since I was 16.



What is one thing you do to relax or relieve stress?

I like going for walks and playing video games.



Do you have any guilty pleasures? If so, what are they?


Just replying with Alex response: I listen to too much nostalgic 2000s pop and sometimes indulge in reality TV. It’s fun. It doesn’t hurt anybody. I don’t feel guilty about it. 




Who are your favorite bloggers and what drew you into their blog?


Everyone i follow on wordpress.


Share any links you want to share with the readers, photo or logo if you please, and anything else you want them to know.


You can visit


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