The Old Laptop

When I was going into high school, my stepfather (my late stepfather) gave me a laptop. It was/is a 15″, 64 processor, purple, HP Pavilion g series laptop. Of course it was given to me because school work would start requiring a computer. But also given to me because my stepfather knew my deepest dream. The dream to be a writer. He knew I loved it and wanted to support me in it. The best way to do that? Provide me with the tool to do it.

This laptop became my best friend. I loved it. I spent my time on it typing away, researching, working hard on it. I ran it to the ground. Eventually as all technology does, it died. Gave the screen of death. That was the end of it….Or so I thought. I bought a new smaller laptop. But it wasn’t the same. It didn’t feel the same, and I didn’t enjoy using it as much.

My fiance is a tech fiend. He loves to mess around with technology. So when he saw it was broken, he took it upon himself to look at it. And he fixed it. It works as good as it did when it was brand new and nothing beats it. I’m finding myself using it more and more because of my love for it. Because it feels like an old friend. It holds the nostalgia from receiving it from my stepfather. It reminds me of how much he believed in me and my dreams. It makes me work hard fr my dreams.

Purple may not be my favorite color anymore, however, this purple laptop is definitely my favorite. It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever replace with a new one for writing until it can’t be salvaged anymore. Sometimes when you lose passion or motivation for a dream, you have to change the way you are going after it. For me, that meant switching back to my old laptop.

Do you have something that is like an old friend?

2 thoughts on “The Old Laptop

  1. That’s awesome that you managed to revive it – sometimes fixing a laptop is crazy simple and requires a new stick of ram and sometimes the cooling system kicks it and you’re screwed. Glad you lucked out there!


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