Onward Marching

If you follow me on twitter, you know my mental health hasn’t been the best lately. You know that I’m slowing down (obviously) on my blog for the unforeseeable future too. I’ll still publish blog posts, but only a few a month and whenever I have the time to write one out properly.

I’m focusing on a new dream or well…an old dream that I have decided to finally FINALLY give my 100% on as opposed to spreading myself super thin. I’m going to finish my book, find an agent (no clue how but I’ll learn), and ultimately publish my book. That is the goal/dream. And I’m going to make it happen.

For the sake of my sanity and happiness, I have to make some cuts. I have to make time. I’m cutting my blog. At least i’m going to slow down massively on it. I won’t be going out with friends as much (not that I did before). And I will will be productive with the time I do have. I’ll use my sons nap time more effectively, I’ll wake up a little earlier to work on my book, etc.

I hope you all will stick with me through this, but if not, I understand. We all have dreams and goals and how we go about getting them is different for everyone. I want to encourage everyone to focus in on theirs and know I’m here cheering them on.

So until next time,


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