The Future Is Bright

It was just graduation season for the schools. We love to tell graduates that the future is bright, don’t we? It’s a phrase that gets parroted out like it’s candy on Halloween. Sometimes, we really believe it for the person we are talking to and other times, we say it hoping it to become true. Do the graduates ever believe us? I suppose we may never know.

My future has been ever changing. Especially lately. I’ve gotten settled at my job. But now I’m chasing after a new credential. I’m chasing after putting a few new letters behind my brand new name….. Hoping to become: Alexandra Wood, CACD II.  CACD II is the certification for a substance abuse counselor with a bachelors degree.

Many of you may remember, my first job out of college was as a substance abuse counselor with a residential substance abuse program. It is where my heart lies. I love my current job though so I thought about using the new credentials eventually to help bring much needed resources for juveniles to the area I work. It all depends.

The program I’m doing is one class a month on the first Saturday of the month. June 1st was the first class. In this class, I learned that due to my jobs, I have 400 hours over the 4,000 required hours of supervised work experience for the certification. All I have to do is take the classes and take the test. This being said, it’ll be about a year before I get the credentials. Until then I’ll be taking classes and trainings to get continuing education units (CEUs) and further my knowledge. I intend to take an anger management training so that I can bring anger management classes to my area for juveniles which is desperately needed.

In the five week training for my juvenile probation job, they spoke a lot about how many people went on from the department to bring resources the department desperately needs. I think I can fill a need while in the department and eventually out of it. I just have to learn how to go about it. I see a need in my area. Desperate need. I hope to fill it.

So as I go forth tackling this the best I know how, I hope you will join me. I hope you will cheer me on.

What are you doing that I can cheer you on for?

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