The Tribe Holds it all Together

I don’t know who came up with the idea of having a friend tribe or more accurately who came up with calling a friend group a tribe. I guess it intimates a group of people closer to each other than typical friend groups? Or maybe it’s just a cool name for an ordinary thing. Either way works.

I believe (correct me if I’m wrong and you catch me at it) that I had written a previous post about how I didn’t have a friend tribe (of course that post could be sitting in my 30 plus drafts that aren’t good enough to publish). I was so very wrong. I definitely have my tribe, and I found it last November.

Fun Fact: My tribe is completely online as all of us live spread out. I think when one thinks of a friend tribe, it’s something where you all get together for dinner or a night out every weekend. We get together, just online. Maybe you’ve heard of it: the Write and Wine Friday night twitter chat. If you haven’t been, you should pop in this coming Friday at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

Not only do we have a twitter chat open for everyone, we have a group chat for those of us who wanted daily support and people to talk to about writing. But oh MAN did it turn out to be more! We talk about writing a lot (as is to happen when you put a group of writers together), but we talk about life too! We vent and rant. We talk about our days and food (ALL THE FOOD TALK). We know that we can always turn to each other for help when needed for anything. If that isn’t a definition of a friend tribe…it should be.

We love new people so you should join us on Friday nights. We have a new topic every week and Lexi Vranick (author of my favorite book… Read about Lexi here: and read about her book Basket Case here: is our wonderful chat host!

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