Learning Forever

I love learning. Absolutely love learning. I miss college and sitting in a class and putting my energy to learning something new daily. And I needed that back in my life. So I went after it.

No, I did not sign up for my masters or doctorate (I fully plan on getting a doctorate). I started listening to podcasts about all kinds of things…Right now, I am listening to podcasts on three main topics: writing, business, and relationships.

I started listening to business podcasts because I want to get debt free. Yes, I know there are plenty of blog posts on this. But I learn best by hearing the stuff. So I searched for podcasts. Right now, I’ve been binging Rise with Rachel Hollis in this topic.

Writing podcasts are self-explanatory. I’m a writer. Learning more about my craft is necessary if I want to move forward in my craft. Right now, I’m binging Indie Chicks: Publishing Advice for Writers which includes a lot of other stuff than just publishing.

Relationships….Well, I’m married. I can always use help in how to be a better wife. Rise Together with Rachel and Dave Hollis is my go to. (See a trend here? I really like Rachel Hollis).

By continuing to learn, I’m going to change my life. I’m beginning to apply the things I’ve been learning. I do this because I’m tired of being stuck. So I’m not going to be stuck anymore. I’m going to propel myself forward through learning and applying.

What are you learning right now and how?

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