Dare I Say it?

Writers Block. That evil thing that prevents one from moving forward on a work in progress (WIP). And I have it bad. I can’t get past this point in my WIP because I have a lack of connection with the characters. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

My characters are alluding me. It’s as if they have left the area for a vacation. These characters have been in my mind for years and now that I have time to actually write their stories, they’ve decided to disappear. I can’t figure out their motivations for their actions.

I have yet to find a solution. I’ve read up about it. I’ve asked for advice. I’ve tried reading more. I’ve tried working on a different piece of writing. I’ve attempted to walk away from it. I’ve describes the storyline and characters to someone else. Yet nothing. No ideas.

It has also carried over to the blog. I don’t know what to write about or how to write it. This post only popped up because a close friend of mine suggested it and even then it took a bit of explaining before I seemingly could grasp the idea of it.

How do you fix writer’s block?

3 thoughts on “Dare I Say it?

  1. Hey Alley,

    I can sympathize with you on this topic.

    Pardon me while I geek out on you a second, scientist say the left part of your brain is primarily where your creativity originates from while your prefrontal cortex is the part of your brain responsible for critical thinking. One part tends to dominate while the other lies somewhat dormant, however, the best scenario is when they work together (In my personal opinion).

    It sounds to me by what you described that your critical thinking skills are dominating because of time constraints. Try tricking your brain into creativity through your critical thinking. Like the comment above, start writing about whatever comes into your mind on the subject of your wip . It’s going to be rediculous at first because you don’t have any direction to go in but after you get a couple pages into it your critical thinking will start shaping your characters and ideas into the story you have had in your mind for so long. You’ll start shaping timelines and personalities. A LOT of the material you write will be discarded but at least you will have a more clear vision of the direction you want your story to go in.

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