4 Things I’ve Learned About Having an Electric Car

If you don’t know, I own a 2015 Nissan Leaf which is a full electric car. I’ve owned it for just over a year, and it took some learning and adjustment to have.

This is my first car that I’ve bought and financed myself. I make monthly payments on it.

It was the first time going to the dealer and test driving a car as well.

Getting used to it took a long while. Here is what I’ve learned:

You have to plan out your trips.
There is no just getting up and going like there is in gas vehicles. At least not for longer trips. My electric vehicle gets between 80-100 miles on a full charge depending on terrain and how well I drive. If I’m going too far or uphill, I have to map out where the charging stations are beforehand and leave enough time to stop and charge at them throughout the trip. This makes spontaneity hard, but makes me live intentionally.

You have basically no maintenance costs except tires.
An electric car does not require oil changes which is very nice. It does not require fuel either. AND where I live, I am not required to have emissions done. Two tires cost me 143 dollars (I always just change two and rotate my rear tires to the front and put the new tires on the rear).

Heating and air conditioning use more power.
I didn’t know this until we tested it out. This means in the Summer time, I drive with the windows down. In the winter, I bundle up and only use the heat enough to defrost the window. Not the perfect life, I know, but it gets me from point A to point B. I have yet to break down in the vehicle or be stranded. And I still have all ten fingers and toes too.

It is a great conversation starter.
I cannot count the amount of times strangers have stopped to ask me questions about my car. Sometimes, it’s inconvenient, but most of the time, this allows me to network and meet new people which is cool!

Of course the other benefits include a nice little tax break for driving an electric vehicle and helping the environment in a small way too. But those are the four big things I’ve learned.

Would you drive a fully electric vehicle?

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